MyJob App


Fresh graduates usually have difficulty finding entry level jobs. Lack of good job search platform for fresh graduates is one important factor that most of the users who were interviewed mentioned. Most of job openings out there is for professional individuals and requires experience.


MyJob app makes it possible for graduates to search for entry level jobs easily and effectively. The app feautures an Entry Level mode so that users are able to search through all entry level positions.


To understand the users, I interviewed some graduates and based on their indications created the Persona. Meet Sara.


"It is overwhelming when most of the job postings are for more professional individuals."

  • find better paying jobs for entry level.
  • Help her family to pay her debt for loan.
  • Get eperience in her own field of study.
  • Most of upportunities are for more professional individuals.
  • Entry level positions fill up fast. I have to check on them more frequently and on the go. Since there is no good app out there I am not able to do it.
Associate degree
Mom, dad and siblings

Sara graduated from college recently. She is currently babysitting as a temporary job to pay her loan. She has been looking for job search platforms however she finds it overwhelming when most of the job postings are for professional individuals.Also as a busy person she needs to check on the postings on the go.


Crazy eight

During the ideation process, I did crazy eight excercise to come up with ideas for wireframes.I tried my best to be as creative as possible and welcome all designs that came to my mind. Here are some of them:

How might we
During "How might we" excercise, tried to include every possible improvment that came to my mind. At this state, all solutions are welcomed, no matter how weired or typical they are. Potential solutions for questions like:
  • How can we make job search process smoother?
  • How can we make job search faster?
  • How can we make job search more reliable?
  • How can we give the user peace of mind?

Paper wireframes

After Ideation process, I drafted some paper wireframes and made sure I have focused enough on search process. Since the entry level mode had to be one of the features, I used an entry level switch in most of my drafts.

Digital wireframes

Based on paper wireframes, I came up with the digital ones which I desgined in Figma. I made sure to have entry level mode option available. Since it was one of the main pain points. I also added navigtion bar to make the browsing even smoother.

Usability study

with low-fi wireframes, I created prototypes, which I could use in the usability study. The findings from the test leaded to indsights to modify my designs to better suit my users needs.


Entry level mode

Finding: Most users were confused using entry level options. They thought it was confusing for them to choose from options.

Insight: The checkbox option can be transformed to more like a switch button so users can toggle back and forth for the entry level option.


Job categories

Finding: Most users would like to see job categories to be able to choose from them.

Insight: Job categories can be added, so that users are able to choose based on their desired categories.


To design an accessible product that everyone could benefit from, I also designed a responsive website for different screen sizes like mobile, tablet and desktop. This way users still can reach to the product even if they have not installed the app.


After designing low fidelity prototype and conducting usability tests, finally these are some of the mockups for the app.

Refined design

Here is a snapshot of the hi-fi prototype. This is based on last insights developed from usability tests. In next steps, other usability tests will be conducted to measure the efficency of the current prototype and identify any new potential pain point.
The valuable fact that I learned during this design process was that even one small change in design of the product can make a big impact on the user experience.